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Developer FNProgramvare

BookCAT is a powerful book collector database program which will help you catalog a book collection of any size. ...

Quest Software Toad for Data Analysis

Developer Quest Software

Quest Software Toad for Data Analysts 2.0 is a tool that is focused towards data professionals for the purpose of querying and ...

Easy Model Railroad Inventory

Developer RCL Software

Easy Model Railroad Inventory is designed to inventory all of your model railroad rolling stock, locomotives and cars ...

MISys Query Report Designer

Developer Manufacturing Information Systems, Inc.


Developer Key Wizard

Key Wizard is a comprehensive key management software package developed for locksmiths and end-users to track detailed information on keys ...

DTM Query Reporter

Developer DTM soft

DTM Query Reporter is a reporting tool for database query. The program is database independent. You can create a report for Microsoft SQL Server ...

Report Genie

Developer HyBing

Report Genie, v1.2,is a FREE user-friendly reporting tool that I have created to help businesses generate Excel reports ...

Wingnut Task Tracker

Developer Wingnut Solutions Inc

Task Tracker will assist you in managing your project tasks to the last detail. Includes Task Calendar ...

LANSA Client

Developer LANSA

LANSA’s query and reporting tool gives business users access to enterprise data on Windows and IBM. Query ...

Stonefield Query for ACT!

Developer Stonefield Software Inc.

Stonefield Query for ACT!® is a user-friendly database report writing, query, and data mining tool ...


Developer SiSense

SiSense Prism’s advanced technology represents an exciting evolution of BI where: -data preparation and ...

Driver Database Lite Trial Version

Developer (K)Software

The Driver Database Lite is a professional application designed to manage a transport business for the sole operator. Ideal for small ...

Aranda Query Report Designer


TTH Custom Report Query Builder

Developer Two-Ten Health Limited

Aranda Query Report